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frit Consortium

Purpose of the Consortium.

To comply jointly with the requirements of the REACH Regulation for registration and pre-registration of substance frits, chemicals (EC 266-047-6, CAS 65997-18-4).

The members of the Frit Consortium collaborate in order to comply jointly with the requirements of the REACH and CLP Regulations of substance frits, chemicals (EC 266-047-6, CAS 65997-18-4).

With this objective the Frit Consortium was created on June 10th, 2009 under the legal form of a European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG), with headquarters in Castellon, Spain. Currently 36 companies are part of the Consortium, plus some of their Affiliates, grouping the major European manufacturers-importers of frits.

One of the members of the Consortium is at the same time SIEF facilitator for this substance, for this reason the Consortium manages the contacts between the different legal entities that take part in the SIEF. Information on the progress in the SIEFs can be found in the corresponding section (SIEF). Any company that is not part of the Frit Consortium can check the information on the SIEF and contact the facilitator if necessary.

Exemption of frits.

According to the information in Point 11 of Annex V of the REACH Regulation, frits is a substance that can be exempt from registration if they fulfil certain specific requirements. For more information please go to section (exemption of frits)

Actions and Structure.

The Consortium Members undertake to pursue collectively, among other things, the following objectives:

  • Work related to the pre-registration of the frits (SIEF)
  • Compile and assess existing studies and information, as well as to prepare proposals for new studies avoiding the use of vertebrate animals, if possible.
  • Analysis of available information in order to decide the typologies of frits that can be exempt.
  • Prepare the complete registration dossier for frits that do not fulfil the exemption requirements according to point 11 of Annex V of REACH.
  • Develop a uniform classification and labelling for registered frits.
  • Develop a transport classification for registered frits.
  • Coordinate the submission of the complete registration dossier by the lead registrant, as well as the individual dossier of the other members participating in the joint submission.


This Consortium has a General Assembly, Steering Committee, Technical Subcommittee, General Secretary-Trustee, Technical Manager and Accountant.



Under the SIEF section, information can be found on the definition of frits, including a detailed description of the substance, uses, the legal entity that acts as lead registrant and the Frit Consortium contact details.


To access the information

How to access the information generated by the Consortium?

Being a member of the Consortium. The Consortium is open to European manufacturers or importers of Frits, as well as to Only Representatives.

Buying a letter of Access to the frits registration dossier.

For more information, please contact the Consortium.