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frit Consortium

Substance description.

EINECS No: 266-047-6

CAS N0.: 65997-18-4

EINECS Description: Frit is a mixture of inorganic chemical substances produced by rapidly quenching a molten, complex combination of materials, confining the chemical substances thus manufactured as nonmigratory components of glassy solid flakes or granules. This category includes all of the chemical substances specified below when they are intentionally manufactured in the production of frit. The primary members of this category are oxides of some or all of the elements listed below. Fluorides of these elements may also be included in combination with these primary substances: Aluminum, Manganese, Antimony, Molybdenum, Arsenic, Neodymium, Barium, Nickel, Bismuth, Niobium, Boron, Phosphorus, Cadmium, Potassium, Calcium, Silicon, Cerium, Silver, Chromium, Sodium, Cobalt, Strontium, Copper, Tin, Gold, Titanium, Iron, Tungsten, Lanthanum, Vanadium, Lead, Zinc, Lithium, Zirconium, Magnesium

Type of substance: UVCB

Lead Registrant: Ferro Spain, S.A.

Expected registration: 2010 (submitted on time)


List of identified uses.

• Ceramic glazes
• Porcelain enamels
• Metallic coatings
• Glass colouring
• Electronics and electronical applications
• Medical applications

To access the information.

Being a member of the Consortium (only European manufacturers/importers of Inorganic Pigments can be members of the Consortium).

Buying a letter of Access to the registration dossier for a specific pigment.

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